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Netra Basti

Our sight is one of the most important senses. Majority of what we perceive comes through our sense of sight . It helps us to connect with our surroundings, helps us to avoid dangers and assists us to learn and comprehend things. Even our sleep schedules are affected by the light we see during the day.

Due to the excess use of electronic gadgets, stress and strain related disorders of the eyes are most common in the present era. We are witnessing even young children wearing spectacles due to game additions and excess visual stimulations. Almost 80% of the adults working in the IT industry are suffering from computer vision syndrome.

American Optometric Association (AOA) defines computer vision syndrome (CVS) as “Complex of eye and vision problems related to near work, which are experienced during or related to computer use”

“Sarva indriyanam nayanam pradhanam”

Sushruta samhita an oldest text in Ayurveda quotes eye as the predominant sense organ among all the other sense organs.

Netrachikista ( treatment of eye disorders) is elaborately mentioned in the ayurvedic classics , detailing about various ways to protect, cleanse and rejuvenate the eyes.
Netra basti is one such Ayurvedic therapy which aboundlngly helps in the prevention and treatment of various eye disorders.
During netrabasti, medicated herbal oils /ghees according the the persons condition and body type as selected and pooled inside for a certain duration, by constructing a compartment of thick dough around the eyes.

Benefits of Netra Basti

  1. Reduces eye strain.
  2. Brings clarity of vision
  3. Reducing dark circles and wrinkles around the eyes
  4. Strengthens the eye muscles
  5. Promotes lush growth of eye lashes.
  6. Lubricates the eyes
  7. Cleanses the eyes from dust and makeup particles clogged in the minute
    channels of the eyes.
  8. Reduces recurrent conjunctivitis, red eyes and stye.
  9. Reduces eye pressure.
  10. Nourishes and strengthens the optic nerve.

Netrabasti at santoshland wellness

Duration – 30 mins

Number of sessions – Typically 7-10 sessions ( daily or weekly once)

Price per session – $50 (discounts applicable on packages)

NB: Before starting any procedure , it is ideal to have an Ayurvedic consultation with our experienced practitioners , inorder to evaluate your condition and to get recommendations regarding healthy eye routines, eye exercises and diet for nourishing the eyes.

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